Know why people need cell phones

There was a time when people managed without cell phones. This was because this technology was not there. Besides, it was very expensive too. But not any more. Today you would see everyone moving around with a cell phone in their hand. This would include school kids, housewives as well as aged people.
There are a number of reasons why cell phones have become an integral part of people’s life today. One of the reasons is that people like to stay in touch this way. In case parents are worried that their ward has not reached home, they can call on their cell phone and know where they are and how much time they will take to get home. In case children have some plan, they can call their parents and inform them accordingly. Hence a lot of concern is taken care of through cell phones. With cell phones, there is no need to ask people for directions any more. Just call up the person whom you are visiting and ask for directions. Hence your chances of getting lost are minimized.
In case you are planning on shifting house, there is no need to visit various moving companies in order to know which is the best that can take care of all your specific needs. Just check out and call them up through your cell phone. Give your requirements and ask them for a quote. Your concerns about moving will be taken care of with the aid of your cell phone.
The biggest advantage of a cell phone is during emergencies. In case your car breaks down and you are stranded in a lonely place, you can call up the garage. Besides, you can also call up your friends or parents and ask them to pick you up. In case of a medical emergency, call up the hospital. This way you can get medical help immediately and even save someone’s life.

With a cell phone, you cannot get lost. This is because they can be easily tracked. Besides, these are typically equipped with GPS today. This helps you to locate your destination easily.
A cell phone allows you to be in touch with your friends at all times. In case you are feeling lonely, just call up a friend. If you have any queries regarding homework, call up a classmate. With so many benefits, it is not surprising that a cell phone has become so important today.

Cell phones are making people dumber

Have you ever crossed by an alley where people were glued to their mobile screens? Or any scenario where you would be waiting patiently for anyone’s call, text or an email just to start a discussion and get rid of boredom? These scenarios are commonly seen in today’s world as technology is spreading its wings in the entire world. There is a possibility; if you become aware of certain things about the usage of cell phones then probably you will make changes in your lifestyle or how to use your cell phones more effectively.

As per the study, there are over 6 million mobile phone users in the entire world. This huge chunk of generation going crazy after latest gadgets and gizmos show us that cell phones are making people dumber day by day. Some people are unable to understand that there will be long-term health risks if we continue to neglect our health and focus our entire attention on this 4-inch screen.

Many of us might have seen people carrying their earphones all the time, playing loud music or just texting through the entire journey. They are not even aware if there is any vehicle passing by or is there anyone trying to have a conversation with them. So, have we become slaves our latest and most prized possession, cell phones?

If you ask yourself then you would also say yes. Though there is no doubt that cell phones, gadgets, and other electronic items have made our life easy, but at what cost? We all do recognize that technology has made us more reliant on the machines rather being of our brain power. Now people prefer googling rather using their intellect or brain power first for any challenging task. Whether you are the student is searching for the answer to your question or a business professional searching for the best market strategy.

We do not talk much now – There was a time when you walked through the door of your neighbors they used to talk and have the healthy discussion but nowadays people are rarely aware of things happening next door. They are more concerned about likes, comment and share rather being virtually with a best friend or family. What everyone does in the first place is to Google and gets some information about the topic either through cell phones or through the computer. When people become more aware of their happening and about their self then only they could realize that one need to strike a balance between use and reliance of cell phones. This level of awareness is possible through awareness and knowledge.

Different Kinds Of Cellphones

The technology around cellphones is one that has been in a consistent evolution. From the very first handsets that were used to the now more technologically advanced cellphones, there is simply no limit to what the future holds when it comes to cellphones. One good thing about this industry is that it caters for people of different walks of life, and more so people of different income levels. You may choose to go for the rather expensive cellphones or settle with the less costly ones, but with effect that in either case, the primary function of making and receiving a call is well-taken care of. The following is a rundown of the 3 major types of cellphones with their main features.

Basic Phones

As the name suggests, basic phones are simply for the purpose of making and receiving calls. They are characterized by less-sophisticated features, both in their hardware and applications. As is expected, they are the cheapest among all the types of cellphones and are accessible. One perk you get with these cellphones is that there are always accessories as well as repair specialists since they dominate the market. Other features include:

>Often designed in the basic candy bar or clamshell form

>Are usually much lighter and smaller

>Have basic and simplistic keypads

Smart Phones

These are the most popular types of cellphones but make no mistake, the fact that they are rather costly does not necessarily mean they are more widespread than the basic phones. These phones epitomize the recent technological advancements in this industry, with capabilities that include among other things, high-resolution cameras, extended battery life, super-high RAM and CPU and other speedy processor technology for realtime data processing among many other features. You also get:

>Support of download applications

>Mobile operating systems

>Most pixel-rich screens

>High memory capacity and Wireless Fidelity [commonly referred to as Wi-Fi].

Feature Phones

Feature Phones are what we can call a compromise between the basic and the Smartphones. They are also known as messaging phones and while the initial versions were more or less similar to the basic phones, the modern feature phones have greatly incorporated various features of Smartphones. They have relatively high resolution images as well as high memory capacity and speedy processors. The phones also present the following features;

>They are mainly designed for the purpose of emailing or text messaging

>They have proprietary software

>Often come with full QWERTY keyboards.

In conclusion, it is important to note that being an industry of such high-interests, the business of cellphones is indeed a profitable one. The good thing is that you can actually get to choose which of the three categories to trade in. In case you need help finding a proper place to run a cellphone business, you can always look up to movers Richmond near you to help you get to that prime spot where any of these phones would be a lucrative venture.


IPhones changed the game for smartphones. When the first iPhone came out, everybody was just mesmerized by how amazing this little device is. It could do so many things and it was so advanced at the time. When you think about it, iPhone hasn’t had the need to change anything since then because it was years in advance. Competitors were forced to catch up and took them nearly five years or so before they could come up with something that was decent. Even though it took competitors a while, they were still not able to keep up with how amazing iPhone was.

I still remember when the Apple event was on when Steve Jobs was showcasing the new iPhone. It was one of the very few slabs out on the market and many people were still not used to this form factor of a cell phone. It’s interesting now because every phone that has come out to this date is in that form factor. No one will ever realize how that has come to be. I think one of the most impressing features about the iphone was how fluid its UI usage was. It’s crazy because even till this day, nothing is as fluid as the iPhone.

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 and it still has some micro lag. I remember using the iPhone and never noticing any microlag. Making calls was a breeze. I remember calling my Real Estate Agent and no stutter whatsoever was noticed.  It really is an amazing thing because phones are so advanced now but iPhones still dominate the market. I bought my first iPhone not too long ago and it was such a joyful experience. The phone was quick and easy to use and one of the best-selling features for me was the camera. The iPhone dominated the camera game for many years.

The iPhone camera was and is still one of the best cameras out on the market. It takes amazing photos and every picture you took just looked astonishing. It takes very quick pictures too and it allows users to just freely take pictures without worrying about lag or anything. It’s amazing.

I personally love photography and when I was using this camera, it was like having a DSLR in my pocket. Now that I have the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7, I find it to be much improved. My current phone actually takes better photos than the camera of the iPhone but just take a moment to realize how long it took android to step up their camera game and catch up to iPhone.

I never would have thought that I would be saying this but iPhone is slowly become outdated because they stopped innovating. They were the best innovators of their time but year after year they just came out with micro improvements and no redesigns. This caused consumers to realize that and now more and more people are switching over to Android.


Android began to dominate the market overtime. It was a slow push but it was actually amazing. This operating system became one of the leading operating systems today in the mobile industry. There were many other competitors out there, however Android became number one and is still number one because of how advanced it is. I find that everything about android phones are really advanced.

Customizability is one of the reasons why people by Android phones. They buy these phones because they want to take control of their phones and customize it to their own liking. I remember I had an old android phone and it was very slow because of all the bloated software that it had installed. I was able to uninstall many of these apps because it’s android. It was actually very easy to do after googling and checking out instructions on how to do that.

Vendors love android because they know their market is huge and many people love buying android phones. HTC is one of the first ones to push a collective phone with Google and they were very successful. I remember seeing the HTC one phone and thought that it was a very interesting phone because it had a pearl trackball to control the screen and options. That phone was the beginning of the nexus series. The nexus series became a huge hit when it was adapted by Google.

After the HTC One, Samsung came out by building the nexus phone. This phone was quick and beautiful. It had so many features that I wanted and I just found it to be so hard to get because it only came out in the United States. I really wanted this phone because it looked so nice but it was too expensive for me. I remember my friend at university had the phone and I was so shocked to see that he had it because I was surprised that someone I knew would actually have this phone. I was also really surprised to see somebody who was really excited about phones because I thought I was the only one.

After going through various android phones, I finally have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  This phone is very quick, it has long lasting battery, and it has an amazing camera. I think what really sold me this phone was the camera and the amazing display. After looking at my display on the Sony Xperia Z3, it was a huge upgrade. I was so tired of seeing a crappy display. I really liked seeing the contrast and popping color that the Samsung Edge displays. This is a really big bonus for me because I use it all the time.

Android phones have really nice cameras depending on the vendor. HTC tried coming out with something called the ultrapixel. It didn’t really workout because it was too low of a resolution in result. My camera takes amazing photos. They’re actually pretty comparable to a DSLR and that makes me pretty happy because I don’t have to carry my DSLR to take nice photos.

Before Smart Phones

There was a time in my life where I never really used a cellphone. To be honest, there really was no need for it because I wasn’t really travelling anywhere and I wasn’t commuting to school. No one really needed to contact me because I was online anyways. I used to call people on my home phone but that was pretty much just about it. It’s amazing because now I use my phone almost every day and every moment of the day.

I remember when I really wanted a phone, I went through so many crappy phones. It didn’t really matter to me what kind of phone I had, I just wanted one. I remember I bought some crappy phones from stores just so I could text. It was really cool because texting people was another new thing in my time that I never knew existed. I remember I was introduced to texting in high school. I was texting some of my friends and I had to pay per text. It wasn’t free to text! I can’t believe I had to pay for text. That’s actually really crazy.

I remember one time in high school, I didn’t have free text to receive and my friend who thought he would play a prank on me, his family owned a real estate agency, decided  that he was going to spam text me and I had to pay extra. It was actually ridiculous and I couldn’t believe it. I also remember texting somebody during a field trip and they told me not to text unless it was an emergency because they were saying how they had to also pay for their texts. I found it really funny because I also had to pay and I guess at the time, I really wished for a better phone plan.

Before smartphones came out, I was using a variety of different cell phones that didn’t have touch screen options or a nice QWERTY keyboard. I finally got my hands on a Blackberry and it was the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of having a cellphone. It really changed the game for me because texting people was so easy and the phone itself was incredible. I couldn’t believe how amazing that phone was because it was capable of browsing the internet. It was actually really cool because I was able to check my messages and browse websites while I was connected to WiFi.

I think I also had data at the time but the phone didn’t really use that much data because it was a Blackberry. I really think that it was cool to have that kind of phone at the time because no one else had it before. It was really advanced and it was very capable. I remember thinking that I was the coolest kid in school because I was the only one with the latest Blackberry. No one else really even knew what smartphones were because they were still using the old models for their phones. I’m really glad that my parents had bought me a Blackberry. I would have never been able to get one for myself.

Samsung Galaxy X: Foldable Smartphone With bendy 4K screen Rumored To Launch In 2017

Samsung is rumored to unveil five flagship smartphones in 2017, together with the Galaxy X — a foldable handset with 4K display.

Samsung is wide-spread to launch a number of smartphones every year and the enterprise has already launched the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 area on the mobile World Congress (MWC) event in February. Samsung is additionally preparing for the launch of the a lot-awaited Galaxy notice 6 phablet, which is probably going to be launched in August.

If rumors are to be believed, then smartphone enthusiasts may also get to see five Samsung flagships in 2017: the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 area, Galaxy word 7, Galaxy word 7 edge and Galaxy X.

Korean book ETNews stated in April that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone, which might be a 5-inch mobile phone and may be used as a 7-inch tablet when opened. Samsung is asserted to have partnered with domestic, as well as international groups in setting up the foldable smartphone.

A foldable design capacity that clients will locate it convenient to elevate it within the pocket, however on the equal time also benefit from a huge 7-inch reveal when the need arises.

Rumors of Samsung’s mission Valley have surfaced during the past. The group engaged on the undertaking is believed to be engaged on a mobilephone, which might bend in half. Samsung has not verified any particulars concerning a foldable smartphone, however with constant rumors emerging related to a foldable Samsung smartphone, it appears that the cellphone is in fact in the works.

Samsung unveiled a versatile reveal panel referred to as Youm at the 2011 CES. The enterprise has also began the usage of curved reveal in a few of its handsets such as Galaxy S6 aspect, Galaxy S7 facet and greater. youngsters, the curved screen in these devices extends to the facet of the smartphone and users can alternate the curve.

The Galaxy X with its foldable reveal could be a new kind component and can entice many smartphone fanatics.

Market observers believe that foldable smartphones will generate extra momentum in the cellular telephone industry, mainly at a time when world demand is declining. Smaller handsets are favourite by way of many shoppers and a foldable design will make it easier for people to elevate handsets round.