Android began to dominate the market overtime. It was a slow push but it was actually amazing. This operating system became one of the leading operating systems today in the mobile industry. There were many other competitors out there, however Android became number one and is still number one because of how advanced it is. I find that everything about android phones are really advanced.

Customizability is one of the reasons why people by Android phones. They buy these phones because they want to take control of their phones and customize it to their own liking. I remember I had an old android phone and it was very slow because of all the bloated software that it had installed. I was able to uninstall many of these apps because it’s android. It was actually very easy to do after googling and checking out instructions on how to do that.

Vendors love android because they know their market is huge and many people love buying android phones. HTC is one of the first ones to push a collective phone with Google and they were very successful. I remember seeing the HTC one phone and thought that it was a very interesting phone because it had a pearl trackball to control the screen and options. That phone was the beginning of the nexus series. The nexus series became a huge hit when it was adapted by Google.

After the HTC One, Samsung came out by building the nexus phone. This phone was quick and beautiful. It had so many features that I wanted and I just found it to be so hard to get because it only came out in the United States. I really wanted this phone because it looked so nice but it was too expensive for me. I remember my friend at university had the phone and I was so shocked to see that he had it because I was surprised that someone I knew would actually have this phone. I was also really surprised to see somebody who was really excited about phones because I thought I was the only one.

After going through various android phones, I finally have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  This phone is very quick, it has long lasting battery, and it has an amazing camera. I think what really sold me this phone was the camera and the amazing display. After looking at my display on the Sony Xperia Z3, it was a huge upgrade. I was so tired of seeing a crappy display. I really liked seeing the contrast and popping color that the Samsung Edge displays. This is a really big bonus for me because I use it all the time.

Android phones have really nice cameras depending on the vendor. HTC tried coming out with something called the ultrapixel. It didn’t really workout because it was too low of a resolution in result. My camera takes amazing photos. They’re actually pretty comparable to a DSLR and that makes me pretty happy because I don’t have to carry my DSLR to take nice photos.