Before Smart Phones

There was a time in my life where I never really used a cellphone. To be honest, there really was no need for it because I wasn’t really travelling anywhere and I wasn’t commuting to school. No one really needed to contact me because I was online anyways. I used to call people on my home phone but that was pretty much just about it. It’s amazing because now I use my phone almost every day and every moment of the day.

I remember when I really wanted a phone, I went through so many crappy phones. It didn’t really matter to me what kind of phone I had, I just wanted one. I remember I bought some crappy phones from stores just so I could text. It was really cool because texting people was another new thing in my time that I never knew existed. I remember I was introduced to texting in high school. I was texting some of my friends and I had to pay per text. It wasn’t free to text! I can’t believe I had to pay for text. That’s actually really crazy.

I remember one time in high school, I didn’t have free text to receive and my friend who thought he would play a prank on me, his family owned a real estate agency, decided  that he was going to spam text me and I had to pay extra. It was actually ridiculous and I couldn’t believe it. I also remember texting somebody during a field trip and they told me not to text unless it was an emergency because they were saying how they had to also pay for their texts. I found it really funny because I also had to pay and I guess at the time, I really wished for a better phone plan.

Before smartphones came out, I was using a variety of different cell phones that didn’t have touch screen options or a nice QWERTY keyboard. I finally got my hands on a Blackberry and it was the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of having a cellphone. It really changed the game for me because texting people was so easy and the phone itself was incredible. I couldn’t believe how amazing that phone was because it was capable of browsing the internet. It was actually really cool because I was able to check my messages and browse websites while I was connected to WiFi.

I think I also had data at the time but the phone didn’t really use that much data because it was a Blackberry. I really think that it was cool to have that kind of phone at the time because no one else had it before. It was really advanced and it was very capable. I remember thinking that I was the coolest kid in school because I was the only one with the latest Blackberry. No one else really even knew what smartphones were because they were still using the old models for their phones. I’m really glad that my parents had bought me a Blackberry. I would have never been able to get one for myself.