IPhones changed the game for smartphones. When the first iPhone came out, everybody was just mesmerized by how amazing this little device is. It could do so many things and it was so advanced at the time. When you think about it, iPhone hasn’t had the need to change anything since then because it was years in advance. Competitors were forced to catch up and took them nearly five years or so before they could come up with something that was decent. Even though it took competitors a while, they were still not able to keep up with how amazing iPhone was.

I still remember when the Apple event was on when Steve Jobs was showcasing the new iPhone. It was one of the very few slabs out on the market and many people were still not used to this form factor of a cell phone. It’s interesting now because every phone that has come out to this date is in that form factor. No one will ever realize how that has come to be. I think one of the most impressing features about the iphone was how fluid its UI usage was. It’s crazy because even till this day, nothing is as fluid as the iPhone.

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 and it still has some micro lag. I remember using the iPhone and never noticing any microlag. Making calls was a breeze. I remember calling my Real Estate Agent and no stutter whatsoever was noticed.  It really is an amazing thing because phones are so advanced now but iPhones still dominate the market. I bought my first iPhone not too long ago and it was such a joyful experience. The phone was quick and easy to use and one of the best-selling features for me was the camera. The iPhone dominated the camera game for many years.

The iPhone camera was and is still one of the best cameras out on the market. It takes amazing photos and every picture you took just looked astonishing. It takes very quick pictures too and it allows users to just freely take pictures without worrying about lag or anything. It’s amazing.

I personally love photography and when I was using this camera, it was like having a DSLR in my pocket. Now that I have the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7, I find it to be much improved. My current phone actually takes better photos than the camera of the iPhone but just take a moment to realize how long it took android to step up their camera game and catch up to iPhone.

I never would have thought that I would be saying this but iPhone is slowly become outdated because they stopped innovating. They were the best innovators of their time but year after year they just came out with micro improvements and no redesigns. This caused consumers to realize that and now more and more people are switching over to Android.